Bedfordshire County Golf Union

Welcome to Bedfordshire Ladies County Golf Association

Welcome to Bedfordshire County Golf Union

Latest news

4BBB Winners

Friday 19th April 2019

Find out who all the winners were on a beautiful day up at The Millbrook on Wednesday.


Tuesday 16th April 2019

Bedfordshire Ladies County Golf Association is hosting this years County Week.

Get into Golf with Cake and Prosecco

Tuesday 16th April 2019

Details of Golf Cake and Prosecco events in 2019

New in 2019 online entry

Tuesday 16th April 2019

Competition Entry for 2019 now available on line!

Session 2 of Junior County Winter Training 2018/19

Monday 10th December 2018


Winter Junior Training program for 2018/2019

Monday 12th November 2018


Knockout Foursomes Final

Friday 2nd November 2018

A close match decides the Knockout Foursomes Final

Handicap League

Wednesday 31st October 2018

The final match makes a big difference in the final standings

Caitlin Thomas - U18 Scratch Champion & Roisin Scanlon - U16 Scratch Champion

Wednesday 31st October 2018


Welcome to Bedfordshire Ladies County Golf Association

Welcome to Bedfordshire County Golf Union

Latest news

Bedfordshire Boys win BUT Trophy

Friday 19th April 2019

Ten young men from Bedfordshire won the BUT Trophy for the sixth successive time at Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club on 17th April

County Foursomes 2019

Monday 15th April 2019

Bedfordshire Golf Club Host first County Competition of 2019

The Junior season has begun!

Thursday 11th April 2019

BCGU Junior Teams have played three friendlies during the first two weeks of April.

Seniors v Norfolk

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Our Seniors build on last years success with an opening Draw away to Norfolk.

Stuart Goode Trophy - First v Seniors v Colts v Juniors

Monday 1st April 2019

Forty Eight County Golfers compete for the Stuart Goode Trophy

2019 Competitions Open for Entry

Friday 22nd February 2019

2019 Bedfordshire County Competitions are open for entry for individuals and teams . Enter NOW

2019 Squad recruitment

Friday 16th November 2018

County Golf in 2019 - The Seniors and Colts Squads are recruiting - register your interest NOW

Beadlow Manor Juniors reach National finals - again!

Thursday 15th November 2018

Having retained the Tavistock Trophy, the Junior Team from Beadlow went on to the JTG England Finals.

County Finals Day - Pavenham Park GC

Monday 22nd October 2018

Special thanks to Pavenham Park GC for hosting the County Finals Day on Sunday 21st October.

BLCGA Constitution


1)    Definitions

a)    The name of the Association shall be the Bedfordshire Ladies’ County Golf Association and is, in this Constitution, referred to as “The Association”.

b)    The Executive Committee consists of President, Vice-President, Captain, Vice-Captain, Immediate Past Captain, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Competitions Secretary, Handicap Adviser and the Proxy Voting Member.

c)    The Committee consists of the Executive Committee, Assistant Handicap Adviser, Regional Committee Representative, Junior Organiser, Captain of Seniors, Captain of Past Captains, Second Team Captain, Golf Partnership Representative, Course Assessor and ONE delegate from each Club.

2)    The association is affiliated to England Golf and the Ladies Golf Union.

3)    The object of the Association is:

a)    To uphold the Rules of England Golf and to maintain, administer and enforce the Congu Unified Handicap System.

b)    To further the interests of both junior and ladies’ golf in Bedfordshire

c)    To give support and advice on the running of ladies’ sections

d)    To organise County Matches, Competitions and such other activities for members as approved by the Committee.

4)    The Management of the Association shall be vested in The Committee.

5)    Terms of Office:

i)     President– maximum 2 years 

ii)    Vice- President- maximum 2 years

iii)   Captain– maximum 2 years

iv)   Immediate Past Captain – maximum 2 years

v)    Vice-Captain– maximum 2 years

vi)   Honorary Treasurer- minimum 3 years - maximum 6 years

vii) Honorary Secretary- minimum 3 years- maximum 6 years

viii)        Competition Secretary – minimum 3 years - maximum 6 years

ix)   Regional Committee Representative – maximum 3 years

x)    Junior’s Organiser – minimum 3 years - maximum 6 years

xi)   Senior’s and Past Captains’ Captains – maximum 3 years

xii) Second Team Captain – maximum 2 years

xiii)        Course Assessor- none specified, EG appointment

xiv)        County Handicap Adviser- none specified, EG appointment

xv) Assistant Handicap Adviser- none specified, EG appointment

b)    England Golf require a Proxy Voting Member (this will be an elected member of the   Committee and in addition to their constitutional role), this person will be on the Executive Committee.

c)    No officer of the committee shall serve for more than 10 consecutive years. The positions of President, Vice-President, County Captain and County Vice-Captain shall not be included in that 10 year term and may be served in addition to it.

d)    If a Club Delegate is unable to attend a Committee meeting she may nominate a member of her Club, who is also a member of the Association, as her substitute at such meeting with full voting rights.

e)    The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt onto the Committee any member of the Association as deemed necessary.

6)    Membership

a)    Membership is under the County Golf Regulations as laid down by England Golf and application must come through the authorised Club official. 

b)    Associate Members are accepted to the County Association subject to the same membership fee as Full Members of the Association. Associate Members will have no voting rights and will not be able to serve as Officers of the Association or hold the post of County Delegate. Any Associate Members who wish to take part in designated county fixtures must be a playing member of a Bedfordshire Golf Club. Full Members of the Association will have Priority of entry over Associate Members in all competitions.

c)    Juniors. The classification for a Junior is she is under 18 years of age on 1st January. Juniors will receive free membership of the Association until the January following their 18th birthday. The entrance fee for County events for Junior members, whilst in full time education or under 18 years of age on the day of the event, will be reduced, but for those members 18-21 years of age and in full time employment full entrance fee will apply.

d)    Honorary members will have full voting rights providing they are current members of an affiliated Bedfordshire Golf Club.

7)    Affiliated Clubs:

Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands, Aylesbury Vale, Beadlow Manor, Bedford & County, Bedfordshire, Chalgrave Manor, Colmworth & North Beds, Dunstable Downs, John O’Gaunt, Leighton Buzzard, The Millbrook, Mount Pleasant, Mowsbury, Pavenham Park, South Beds, Stockwood Park, The Bedford, Tilsworth and Wyboston Lakes

8)    Subscriptions

There shall be a Members’ Annual Subscription, payable to the Honorary Treasurer due 1st January. This is based on the number of members registered at an affiliated Club on 30th June of the previous year. 

9)     Equal Opportunities Policy

BLCGA are an equal opportunities organisation and have adopted the EG Equality and Diversity Policy where appropriate and relevant to do so.

10)  Meetings

a)    The Executive Committee will meet as deemed necessary by the President, the Captain and the Secretary, 5 members to form a quorum.

b)    The Committee will meet at least 4 times per year.  At these meetings 15 members to form a quorum, this to include at least 4 Executive Committee members.

c)    The Captain shall be the Chairman of all Committee meetings except the Annual General Meeting. In her absence the Captain shall nominate a Chairman. The Chairman shall have a casting vote at all Committee meetings.

d)    The Secretary shall convene an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting at any time by order of the Committee, or on receiving a requisition to call such a meeting, signed by the Honorary Secretaries of not less than three affiliated Clubs. Every such requisition shall specify the business for which the meeting is to be convened and no other business shall be transacted at such meeting.

e)    The Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt onto the Executive Committee any member of the Association.

f)     In the event that during their term of office, the County Captain or County Vice-Captain, resigns her position, or is unable to carry out the duties of the role she was elected to, a deputy may be appointed to complete the term of office up to the next Annual General Meeting. The Deputy may stand for election at the next Annual General Meeting. The Vice Captain may move to the position of Captain and a new Vice Captain elected. The positions will require ratification at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

11) The Annual General Meeting

a)    The Annual General Meeting shall be chaired by the County President or in her absence by the Vice-President or a nominated Executive member.

b)    The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in the autumn on a day and at a venue to be fixed by the Committee for the purpose of:

i)     approving the Minutes of the last meeting

ii)    receiving the Statement of Accounts,

iii)   receiving the Captain’s Annual Report and other official reports,

iv)   the Election of Officers and ratification of EG appointed posts

v)    considering any proposals, and

vi)   considering Any Other Business.

vii) the presentation of County Champion’s Trophy plus the presentation of those trophies not presented on the day played for.

c)    Fourteen days’ notice of such Annual General Meeting shall be sent in writing for display at each affiliated Club of the Association. Notices of Proposals for the purpose of the Agenda of such meeting must reach the Honorary Secretary by 30th September.

d)    With the exception of the Immediate Past Captain, Captain, Vice-Captain, President and Vice-President all Executive officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election.

e)    The President shall convene a Sub-Committee consisting of President, Vice-President, Captain, Vice-Captain and also Past Presidents and Past Captains from the previous 10 years, to consider nominations for the positions of Vice-President and Vice-Captain. These positions to be ratified at the AGM.

f)     The Honorary Secretary of the Association will notify all Club Delegates after the June/July Committee meeting of any vacancies arising for election at the A.G.M. that year.

i)     All vacant positions shall be elected at the A.G.M.

g)    Nominations for these posts may be made by

i)     the Committee, or

(ii) any three affiliated Clubs.

Every such nomination by Committee or affiliated Clubs must be in writing, and in the case of any three affiliated clubs, must be signed by the Lady Secretaries thereof, and must reach the Honorary Secretary of the Association on or before 30th August in each year.

h)   Lists of nominees will be placed in each Club six weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

i)     No-one may be nominated without prior consent.

j)      The retiring County Captain may serve on the Committee without election as Immediate Past Captain

12)  County Fixtures

a)    The Association shall form a County Team, the expenses of which shall be defrayed by the Association as agreed by the Committee. 

b)    The County Team Selection shall be undertaken by Three Executive Members ideally the Immediate Past Captain, Captain and Vice-Captain.

c)    Championship. The Championship shall be held in the spring with an approved rotation of Clubs. When Regional Inter-County Matches are held in Bedfordshire, the Championship, if possible shall be held at the same venue and the rota adjusted accordingly.  

d)    Ladies must have a handicap of 35 or less to participate in County Competitions.

13)  Disputes and allegations

a)    The Executive Committee shall consider all facts concerning any allegations made against a member or members accused of bringing the game into disrepute, and if necessary take appropriate action.

b)    Any grievances should be in writing and signed by the relevant Club Secretary or Club Captain and 2 other persons

14)  Alteration of Rules

No Rule of the Association shall be altered or repealed and no new Rule shall be made except by a majority of the members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting or an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting.

15)  The Constitution shall be reviewed annually by the Executive.

If there are any changes /amendments they will be taken to the AGM for approval.

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