Bedfordshire County Golf Union

Welcome to Bedfordshire Ladies County Golf Association

Welcome to Bedfordshire County Golf Union

Latest news

Bedfordshire Versus Norfolk - Day 3 East Region County Finals

Wednesday 19th June 2019


Bedfordshire Versus Hertfordshire - Day 2 East Region County Finals

Tuesday 18th June 2019


Aspley Guise welcomes the Bedfordshire team

Sunday 16th June 2019


Chalgrave Ladies sends their best wishes to County Captain Helen Tayor & the county team

Thursday 13th June 2019


Only 5 days to the start of the East Region County finals 2019

Wednesday 12th June 2019


6 days to the East Region County finals & Luton Irish Ladies sends video message to team

Tuesday 11th June 2019


County Player Steph rolls back the years winning the Sue Patterson Salver with Holly Gordon

Monday 10th June 2019


Only 9 day 's before the start of the East Region Inter County Finals 2019

Friday 7th June 2019

The Millbrook Ladies sends their supporting message to the Captain Helen Taylor and the County team

Only 10 day 's before the start of the East Region Inter County Finals 2019

Thursday 6th June 2019


Welcome to Bedfordshire Ladies County Golf Association

Welcome to Bedfordshire County Golf Union

Latest news

County Championship Results 2nd & 3rd June

Monday 3rd June 2019

The County Championships, hosted by Millbrook GC

U18 Update

Sunday 5th May 2019

More success for the Bedfordshire U18s

Bedfordshire Boys win BUT Trophy

Friday 19th April 2019

Ten young men from Bedfordshire won the BUT Trophy for the sixth successive time at Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club on 17th April

County Foursomes 2019

Monday 15th April 2019

Bedfordshire Golf Club Host first County Competition of 2019

The Junior season has begun!

Thursday 11th April 2019

BCGU Junior Teams have played three friendlies during the first two weeks of April.

Seniors v Norfolk

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Our Seniors build on last years success with an opening Draw away to Norfolk.

Stuart Goode Trophy - First v Seniors v Colts v Juniors

Monday 1st April 2019

Forty Eight County Golfers compete for the Stuart Goode Trophy

2019 Competitions Open for Entry

Friday 22nd February 2019

2019 Bedfordshire County Competitions are open for entry for individuals and teams . Enter NOW

2019 Squad recruitment

Friday 16th November 2018

County Golf in 2019 - The Seniors and Colts Squads are recruiting - register your interest NOW



1. NAME.
The Union shall be called the BEDFORDSHIRE COUNTY GOLF UNION and shall be affiliated to
England Golf.

The objects of the Union shall be:
2.1 to promote and encourage golf within Bedfordshire
2.2 to maintain a uniform system of handicapping (currently the CONGU Unified Handicapping
System 2012-2015) and course rating system as prescribed by England Golf

3. To achieve these objects the Union will administer and manage:
3.1 County Championships
3.2 such other competitions as may be required from time to time.
3.3 County Matches and inter County fixture
3.4 to co-operate with the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews through the medium of
England Golf on the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status.
3.5 to purchase, lease or hire any property or assets as may be required for the benefit of the Union
3.6 to take such action from time to time as maybe considered desirable for the benefit of its
members, eg. training/coaching for players etc.
3.7 to abide by the constitution and rules of England Golf.

4.1 Membership of the Union shall be available to recognised golf clubs with a male membership
and situated in or adjacent to the County of Bedfordshire and –
(a) having their own golf course, or playing on a municipal course or, playing on a
proprietary owned course,
(b) having a constitution and rules approved by the Union
(c) recognising the ‘Rules of Golf’ as administered by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St
(d) operating the CONGU Unified Handicapping System as required by England Golf
(e) undertaking to conform to the Rules and Constitution of the Union.
4.2. (a) Each Affiliated Club shall pay such annual affiliation fees to the Union as decided by the
(b) Such annual affiliation fees shall be payable twice per calendar year and shall be calculated
on a per capita basis for every Playing Member irrespective of membership category as at and
paid on a date sixty days after the Affiliated Club’s annual membership renewal date or, if an
Affiliated Club does not have one fixed date for renewal of membership for all members, on
such other date as may be agreed between the Club, and the Treasurer and, failing agreement, on
the 1 April in each year.
(c) To facilitate the calculation of such annual affiliation fees each Affiliated Club shall complete
and submit to the Union an affiliation form containing the information required to calculate such
annual affiliation fees.
(d) The Union and England Golf shall be entitled to take reasonable steps to verify the affiliation
fee information and each Affiliated Club agrees to comply with such reasonable steps.
Annual affiliation fees will normally be invoiced to Playing Members as a disbursement.
(e) If a Playing Member is a member of more than one Affiliated Club in the County the annual
affiliation fee will only be payable once and collected by the Home Club for handicap purposes.
(f) Failure by a Playing Member to pay such annual disbursement shall not exonerate his
Affiliated Club from its obligation to pay the annual affiliation fee for that Playing Member.
(g) Annual affiliation fees payable by an Affiliated Club in respect of men’s and ladies England
Golf fees and the Ladies Golf Association shall be collected by the Union on behalf of England Golf. The Ladies County Golf Association in accordance with their Rules shall collect their fees seperately.
(h) If an Annual Affiliation fee remains unpaid three months following the date upon which it
became due, then the membership of the Affiliated Club concerned shall immediately and for all
purposes cease with consequential loss of Standard Scratch rating and CONGU handicaps for its
Playing Members. Such Members may be reinstated on payment of all arrears.
4.3 Any member Club wishing to resign must give notice thereof in writing to the
Secretary on or before the 31st October, failing which the Club shall be liable to pay its
subscriptions for the ensuing year.
4.4 The Executive Committee shall have the power to accept or reject an application for
membership. In the event of rejection, the applicant club shall be informed of the reason and
shall be entitled to appeal to the Annual General Meeting of the County Golf Union.

5.1 The governing body of the Union shall be the Council and the management of the Union shall be
vested in it.
5.2 The Council shall consist of two nominated representatives from each club in the Union.
5.3 A quorum for all Council Meetings shall be representatives from 12 clubs plus one Officer.
5.4 Voting shall be one vote per club. In the event of an equal vote the President/Chairman shall
have the casting vote.
5.5 A member of a paid up Bedfordshire Club may attend a Council meeting as an observer but
cannot vote or participate.

The officers of the Council shall be
The President
The Vice President (President Elect)
Honorary Treasurer
The President and Vice President must be from different Clubs in the Union.

7.1 The Annual Meeting of the Council shall normally be held in February each year, at such a place
as may be decided by the Executive Committee. At least 21 days notice of the meeting shall be
given by the Secretary to each Affiliated Club.
7.2 The Council shall at each Annual Meeting:
(a) Consider and, if approved, adopt the Annual Statement of Accounts
(b) Consider and accept reports on the year’s results and activities
(c) Elect as officers a President, Vice President, (both of whom will normally serve for two
years) and an Honorary Treasurer.
(d) Elect a Captain and Vice-Captain, or County Team Manager, plus additional Team Managers
as required..
(e) Confirm the appointment of the County Secretary and assistant secretaries as required for the
Union’s various activities.
(f) Confirm the appointment of the representatives to the Bedfordshire County Golf Partnership
(g) Appoint an Auditor
(h) Confirm the Executive Committee’s recommendation of the persons who will serve as
Voting Members on England Golf’s General Council and the EG South East Group
(i) Consider any motions submitted in accordance with the rules.
(j) Confirm the Executive Committee as set out in the Constitution and delegate all powers for
the day to day running of the Union to the Executive Committee until the next Annual or
Special Meeting of the Council
7.3 Notice of a Clubs intention to move any resolution at the Annual Meeting must be notified to the
Secretary 28 days prior to the meeting to allow the 21 days notice to clubs under rule 7.1.
7.4 A special meeting of the Council may be convened at any time by the Secretary on the
instruction of the Executive Committee or by written request from 8 clubs in the Union stating
the purpose for which the meeting is required.
7.5 Subject to the provisions of Rule 7.6, 28 days notice of the business to be transacted at the
special meeting shall be given to each Member Club and only business of which notice has been
given shall be considered. Where such a meeting is called upon the request of 8 clubs the
Secretary shall call the meeting for a date within 42 days of receipt of the resolution.
7.6 No Rule of the Union shall be repealed or altered and no new rule shall be made, except at a
meeting of the Council for which at least 28 days notice shall be given to each member Club,
stating the proposed alteration or addition and then, only if not less than two-thirds of the Club
representatives attending and voting are in favour. This rule shall not apply to the regulations for
7.7 If within 30 minutes of the appointed time for a Council meeting a quorum is not present, the
Meeting shall be dissolved. It will be reconvened at an agreed time and date within the following
two weeks. If a quorum is still not present, the business will be lost.
7.8 The Secretary shall keep correct Minutes of the proceedings of the Council and Executive
Committee meetings and shall produce the same at all meetings of both bodies. He shall summon
the Meetings of the Council and Executive Committee when required to do so.
7.9 The Treasurer shall record all financial transactions and shall, prepare annually a revenue
account and balance sheet for the financial year 1 January to 31 December and present these
fully audited to the Annual General Meeting.
8.1 The business of the Union shall be conducted by the Executive Committee consisting of the
President, Vice President, Treasurer, Past Presidents, Captain, Vice Captain or County Team
Manager , Section Managers (and Secretaries if appointed) and one representative from each Club
in the Union. A Club may, if desired, have a second person at the meeting but there will only be
one vote per Club and one vote for the officials and Past Presidents. In the event of a tied vote the
Chairman will have a casting vote.                                                                                                                        8.2 The Secretary shall act as Secretary to the Committee, of whom 7 shall form a quorum of which
not less than 4 shall be club representatives.

9.1 The President and Vice President, although normally serving for two years, will be elected
annually with a formal proposer and seconder. The Vice President will be proposed and seconded
following a recommendation from the President and Past Presidents of the Union, who will also
recommend changes to Honorariums. All Officers and Managers will be elected by the Council at
the Annual Meeting. The Captain and Vice Captain, if so elected, will normally serve for a two
year term. All other officers including the Treasurer will be elected for period of one year and are
to be proposed and seconded at the Annual General meeting and voted into office by the Council.
They may offer themselves for re-election at the end of their year in office. The nominations for
the posts of Treasurer and Auditor will be proposed by the Executive Committee.
9.2 The Secretary shall be appointed by the Executive Committee; such appointment being ratified by
the Council. The Officers of the Union will recommend variations to the Secretary’s remuneration
and expenses to the Executive Committee for approval.
10.1 The Executive Committee is charged with ensuring that all rules contained in the Constitution
and other Regulations, including the conditions of Competition, are followed.
10.2 The Union shall duly exercise the disciplinary powers delegated to it under the Constitution of
England Golf. This will be carried out in accordance with the England Golf’s instructions for the
Procedure and Conduct of Disciplinary Committees.
10.3 When required, the Executive Committee will appoint a disciplinary Sub-Committee, which will
consist of the President and Vice President and two members from other Clubs in the Union who
are not involved in the disciplinary matter to be considered. The Secretary will take Minutes and
arrange the meetings of this Sub-Committee in accordance with 10.2 above. The decision of the
Sub-Committee will be passed to the Executive Committee of the Union for ratification and
where sanctions or otherwise are recommended and approved by the Executive Committee, its
decision will be final.

11.1 The Union is a non profit making organisation and all profits, gains or surpluses will be applied in
the furtherance of the objects of the Union, including the continuance or improvement of
services and facilities of the Union, and shall not be distributed, except in the event of a
dissolution or winding up. In the event of a dissolution or winding up of the Union, any surplus
after paying off all liabilities will be returned to member Clubs in proportion to their
contributions to that surplus.

Ratified at the Annual General Meeting 22nd February 2017

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