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Bedfordshire County Golf Junior Selection Policy

This policy applies to the selection for and/or recruitment to Bedfordshire County Golf Junior Teams and Squads.


This policy aims to establish a clear, transparent, and accountable system of selection for and/or recruitment to, Bedfordshire Junior County Golf Teams and Squads that is, as far as possible, objective and understood by players, parents/persons with parental responsibility, managers, coaches and all interested parties.

This policy aims to:
• Identify the selection process and criteria for selection for Bedfordshire Junior County Golf Teams for County League matches, friendlies, and for Regional strokeplay events;
• Identify the appeals process should any individual(s) believe that this policy has not been implemented with regards to the selection for or recruitment to a Bedfordshire County Team.
• Obtain as much information as is reasonably possible about players prior to selection.

General eligibility to represent Bedfordshire Junior County Golf Teams

Players to be considered and selected for Bedfordshire Junior County Golf Teams and Coaching Squads must meet the following general criteria:
• Be a member of a Golf Club affiliated to Bedfordshire County Golf.
• Player and parents are to sign and abide by the Bedfordshire County Players Charter and sign the Parental Consent Form.
• Player and parent to comply with accepted standards of behaviour and show a positive attitude at all times.
• Parent to complete all medical and contact details in Parental Consent Form, and update annually.
• Player to show willing to play in Bedfordshire County junior events.
• Player to show willing to represent a Bedfordshire club in competitions - team or individual.
• Neither player nor parent are to be the subject of any welfare, criminal or legal investigation/concern from which selection would present a risk of harm to any other Player or the reputation of Bedfordshire County Golf.

Note - A player is not eligible to play for Bedfordshire County Golf if they have played in another County Men’s, Women’s or Junior Closed Championship, or played for another representative County Team, in the ‘current’ season.

Bedfordshire Junior County Golf selections for representative Teams

For Bedfordshire County Junior Golf teams, the relevant Team Manager will select what in his or her reasonable judgement is the team best equipped to compete with distinction at a specific venue or in a specific style of competition (i.e. matchplay, strokeplay).
Whilst a player’s handicap (WHS) is a helpful guide, the relevant Team Manager will also take into account the following selection tools (in no particular order):
• Performances in relevant events.
• Performances at ‘away’ courses.
• Index on World Handicap System - Please see below guidance to how to obtain a relevant WHS.
• Stroke averages.
• Feedback from coaches.
• Performances in recent events/championships/competitions.
• Show a positive attitude in matches, at County competitions and during County coaching.
• Demonstrate quality of play when seen by a Manager or coach.
• Compliance with the general eligibility criteria set out above.
• The above will vary for younger age groups, friendly matches and handicap team matches.
Taking the above into account, the decision of the Team Manager will be final.

Guidance on gaining a relevant Index on World Handicap System

Finding young golfers with a relevant and accurate Index on the World Handicap System is a key part of the selection process for Bedfordshire County Golf.
Whilst the below is a ‘guide’ to how a junior should obtain a WHS, everyone involved with Bedfordshire County Golf would appreciate it if you could follow this advice, and in particular with regard to the use of General Play scorecards.
All Boys:
• A minimum 20 cards entered.
Boys Under-18’s:
• A maximum of two General Play in counting eight scores.
• Minimum of eight to ten Away Courses in the last 20 games.
Boys Under-16’s:
• A maximum of two General Play in counting eight scores.
• Minimum of five Away Courses in last 20 games.
Boys Under-14’s:
• A maximum of four General Play in counting eight scores.
• Minimum of two to five Away Courses in last 20 games.
• Minimum of two to five Away Courses in last 20 games.


Any player missing out on selection who may reasonably have expected to be involved  should be given feedback, before the team is announced where possible.

Appeals Process

In the event that an individual believes that this policy has not been implemented during the selection for or recruitment to a Bedfordshire Junior County Golf Team or Coaching Squad, the individual concerned has the right to appeal against any such decision.

Leave to appeal can only be sought on one or more of the following grounds:
• The decision was based on error of fact and could not have been reasonably reached by a Team Manager when faced with the evidence before him/her.
• Serious procedural or other irregularity in the proceedings.
• Significant and relevant new evidence has become available which was not available before to the Team Manager.
• The decision was manifestly unreasonable in the light of the facts before the Team Manager.

The party seeking leave to appeal (the ‘Appellant’) shall serve a Notice of Appeal in writing to the Bedfordshire County Junior Delegate within three working days following their notification of a missed team selection or, in the event of significant and relevant new evidence, within three working days of that coming to light.

The Notice of Appeal shall state the date and decision against which the appeal is lodged, state the grounds of appeal relied upon, set out the statement of facts upon which the appeal is based, and include any supporting documentation upon which the Appellant will rely.

Upon receipt of the Notice of Appeal, the Bedfordshire County Junior Delegate will consider the matter and decide if the Notice of Appeal shows that grounds are made out for the appeal to be determined. If he/she is satisfied that there are grounds to do so he/she shall refer the Appeal to the Appeals Panel, which shall comprise three representatives of the Board of Bedfordshire Golf. In the event that the Appeals Panel partially or fully upholds the appeal, it shall also specify what action should then take place.


This policy will be subject to regular review and amendment.

Junior Manager


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