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WOMEN’s Leagues: Summer Handicap League, Summer Scratch League
I. All Clubs affiliated to Bedfordshire County Golf are eligible to enter League Competitions. A player representing a Club must have that Club as their Home Club for handicapping purposes and can only represent one Club in a current league even if their Home Club is changed mid competition.
II. Although not obligatory, a team strip should be encouraged to give the events prestige. Due consideration must also be given to the dress codes of the home club, both on the golf course and within the clubhouse.
III. Organisation

(a) Club Level - Each Club will appoint a Team Organiser/Captain either playing or non-playing. The Organiser will be responsible for team selection and, where possible, within the WHS Handicapping System, ensure that playing handicaps are fair and reasonable. In addition, it will be the Organiser’s responsibility to liaise with other Clubs and the Central League Coordinator / County Competitions Manager.
(b) Central - The overall Competition Administration will be managed by a Central League Coordinator with support from the County Competitions Manager.  In the event of a dispute, a subcommittee, comprised of three members of Bedfordshire County Golf will be convened. Typically this will be the Central League Coordinator, Women’s County Competitions Manager, and County President or Vice President, whose ruling in the event of a dispute will be final.  In the event of absence of one or more of the above, other Bedfordshire County Golf Board Members may act as substitutes (e.g. County Secretary, Immediate past County President or Men’s Competitions Manager).

IV. In the event of any dispute regarding fulfilment of fixtures which cannot be resolved by reference to the League rules, the Central League Coordinator should be notified within seven days by both clubs, setting out the full facts to allow the subcommittee to adjudicate.
V. In the event of a club withdrawing or failing to complete all fixtures by the due date, their entry into the following year’s league will be automatically withdrawn unless specific representations are made and accepted.
VI. Any Club wishing to join a league(s) should contact the County Competitions Manager as soon as possible in the year to allow for arrangements to be made for the following year.
VII. All match results must be returned via the website results form within seven days of the fixture. Both teams are required to submit the result. For matches played within three days of the competition end date, results should also be telephoned / emailed through. Failure to do so could result in disqualification of both clubs.
VIII. Clubs must provide details of the Team Organiser to the County Competitions Manager in February each year.
IX. Once the fixtures have been announced we would encourage all Organisers to set and communicate their home fixture dates with their club offices asap, so they can be set in the club diaries.


The Scratch League will run from the 1st April to 31st October each year.


a. A player can only represent one Club in that season’s competition even if she subsequently changes Home Club within the County. A player moving from outside Bedfordshire can play immediately.
b. As this is a scratch league, all matches are played off scratch. As a guidance recommendation, the upper handicap index limit for players is generally set at 20.0, although a player with a higher handicap index may represent their club. If a club has difficulty in fielding a team, the club should contact the County Competitions Manager for guidance.  
c. Junior members – under 18 years of age – are permitted to play in matches.

The Competition Format will be a single division with each Club playing the other once during the year (i.e. playing home one year and away the next).
Entry will be restricted to one team per Club.

a. Teams will comprise three players selected for each match.
b. All matches will be played off scratch.
c. The format of each competitive game will be 18-holes match play.  The order of play will be in ascending order of handicap for each team i.e., the lowest handicap player in Team A will play the lowest handicap player in team B, the second lowest handicap player in Team A will play the second lowest handicap player in team B, and so on. This also applies to the Ladies’ Captain(s), if playing.  
d. The event will be 3 games of 2-ball match play. No grouping of games is allowed while matches are in progress.
e. Team sheets are to be exchanged before the start of the match. On the day will suffice. The Captain has the option of interchanging any players who have a (playing) handicap difference of no more than two.

Arranging Matches

a. Matches are typically played at weekends, but may be played on any mutually-convenient day.  It is the responsibility of the home team Organiser to offer their opponents a minimum of 3 dates. A least 1 of these must be a weekend date.  
b. Team Organisers are encouraged to try to exclude the following dates when arranging matches:

County Foursomes Championship
County Championships
County Seniors Championships
County Handicap Championships & Spring Meeting
County Fourball Championships

Autumn Meeting

County 4BBB Competition

County Seniors 4BBB Competition

c. This does not preclude matches to be played on these dates however a team Organiser can refuse to accept these dates. The home team MUST offer sufficient alternate dates to bring the total dates offered back to the minimum of 3. One of these dates must be accepted by the Away Team.

d. Organisers are asked to confirm matches at least one month in advance.

e. Once matches have been organised and confirmed they must be played on that date, unless both Organisers agree, irrespective of team strength or members’ availability. It is the responsibility of the Organiser to field a team and fulfil the fixture. In the event that a club cannot field a full team, they will forfeit the games of the missing players. There is no minimum number of players that a team can field and Clubs must field as many players as possible. If a player fails to arrive for a match, or retires before completion of the match, the result will be deemed to be a 5:4 win for the opponent.

f. If a match cannot be played on the fixed date due to exceptional circumstances (e.g. the course if closed or there are exceptional weather conditions likely to cause harm to the competitors), then the match must be rearranged at the same venue, under the same terms as previously arranged.

NOTE: Inability to raise a full team is not an exceptional circumstance. In such a case, the match must be played on the specified date irrespective of how many players are available.

g. If, during a match, a course becomes unplayable due to inclement weather or the match has to be abandoned due to severe weather conditions and resumption of play is not possible, the following rules apply:

i. If a game in the match has played fewer than 9 holes, it will be deemed a halved game

ii. If a game in the match has played 9 holes or more, the result of that game when play was abandoned will stand.

iii. If this situation arises the Central League Coordinator must be informed no later than 2 days after the event.


(a) In the event of a club conceding a match, the following will be implemented for a first concession.

i. The opposing team will be awarded the Match points on offer.

ii. The club conceding will waive all rights to trophy awards and, in the end of season final table, will automatically be positioned below any team that has played all its matches.

(b) In the event of a club conceding a second match, the following will be implemented.

i. In the event of a club conceding a second match, it will be deemed that the club has withdrawn from the league and all matches played involving that club will be deemed void.

(c) Should any club voluntarily withdraw from the league during the season, all matches played involving that club will be deemed void.

Start Times

Starting times are to be agreed between the two captains’ and all matches must be off the tee within 30 minutes of the agreed starting time. Failure to do so will automatically entail the loss of that game(s). In the event the away team agrees to play after the cut off time, the result will stand with no right of appeal.


a. The official results sheet must be submitted, via the County website, to the Central League Coordinator as soon as possible. Where this is not possible, results should be submitted by email.

b. Both team Organisers should submit the results.

c. The official results sheet should clearly state the player’s names, and the game & match result.

d. Failure to do so could result in disqualification of both clubs.

League Points and Positioning

League points:

a. If a game is all square after 18 holes, the game is halved and each team will score ½ point. For a game won, the winning players team will be awarded 1 point.

b. After results are submitted, the team winning the most games will be awarded 3 league points.

c. In the event of a halved match (1½ to 1½), each team will be awarded 1 league point.

League Positioning:

a. The winner will be the team with the highest number of league points.

b. In the event that two or more teams are tied on points at the conclusion of the league stages, the League winner position will be determined by a countback on the following:

· The winner will be the team with the highest number of games won during all the scratch matches.

c. If both the above are tied, the league win and the Ward Wand Trophy will be shared.

Final Result

The winning Club will receive the Ward Wand Trophy, retained for one year


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