Bedfordshire County Golf

Past Presidents and Captains

Past Presidents Past Captains

Hastings William Sackville Russell.

The 12th Duke of Bedford

1924/38 O S Horn Beds
1954/55  H E Browning South Beds 1947/48 G G Harrison St Neots
1956/58 A L Nicholls Bedford & County 1949 R O Watson John O'Gaunt
1959/60 H Brandon Dunstable Downs 1950/51 L G Randall South Beds
1961/62 V B A Stevens Aspley Guise & WS 1952/54 A L Day Bedford & County
1963/64 G Percival John O' Gaunt 1955/56 G J Burnside Dunstable Downs
1965/66 I F Barnet Leighton Buzzard 1957/58 J Cattenach South Beds
1967/68 K Vane-Percy Bedfordshire 1959/60 F W Wood Aspley Guise & WS
1969/70 R Brumbridge South Beds 1961/62 J Miller South Beds
1971/72 T R Donnelly Bedford & County 1963/64 E S Watson Bedfordshire
1973/74 F J Clements Leighton Buzzard 1965/68 V Stevens Aspley Guise & WS
1975/76 C Rose John O' Gaunt 1969/70 C Rose John O'Gaunt
1977/78 R Sinfield Aspley Guise & WS 1972 H Aarons John O'Gaunt
1979/80 R F Austin Dunstable Downs 1973/74 P Batchelor Leighton Buzzard
1981 G Good Bedfordshire 1975/76 D Hawkins South Beds
1982/83 R H Wilkinson South Beds 1977/78 A M Kidd Dunstable Downs
1984/85 S S Horsburgh Bedford & County     1979/80 F I Maclean Bedford & County
1986/87 B A Page Leighton Buzzard 1981/82 R Coogan South Beds
1988/89 G R Rostron John O' Gaunt 1983/85 P S Fletcher Bedford & County
1990/91 C Twigden Bedfordshire 1986/87 P Charnley Bedford & County
1992/93 W D Tipton Bedford & County 1988/89 P S Fletcher Bedford & County
1994/95 M Latch Dunstable Downs 1990/91 B Underwood John O'Gaunt
1996/97 G Keeling Bedford & County 1992/93 M Stokes John O'Gaunt
1998/99 C L E Spurr South Beds 1994/95 L Watcham South Beds
2000/01 D A Parrett Griffin 1996/97 R Harris Bedfordshire
2002/03 A Davies Bedfordshire 1998/99 M H Wharton John O' Gaunt
2004/05 A A G Evans South Beds 2000/01 I Hull South Beds
2006/07 T F Hazell John O'Gaunt 2002/03 S Kavanagh John O'Gaunt
2008/09 D K Oliver Dunstable Downs 2004/05 J Carey South Beds
2010/11 C Foster Pavenham Park 2006/07 N Willson John O'Gaunt
2012/13 C Allen Bedford & County 2008/09 P Kirkwood South Beds
2014/15 J Jones Aspley Guise & WS 2010/11 P Corke John O'Gaunt
2016/17 D Hawkins Leighton Buzzard 2012 Team Manager role begins
2018/19 L Tucker Millbrook
2020/21 T Bevan Bedford & County
Bedfordshire Unifies as BCG Ltd
2022 Margaret Seabrook Bedfordshire
2023 Simon Kimber John O'Gaunt
2024/25 Kim Burnage Aylesbury Vale


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